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Incoming Camp Director


Sonlight is hiring an Incoming Camp Director to replace our current Camp Director Winston Marugg. Winston will be assuming the position of Founding Director, championing the Endowment, and retain his Board of Directors position. The Sonlight Board of Directors will be accepting applications fall of 2013, to have the position filled in early 2014. The Incoming Camp Director will work under Winston Marugg for a period of 1 year, then take over the position at that time.

Mary (Winston's wife and co-founder) will also be moving to new roles, there will be positions opening up when the new Director is in place to replace her roles to include business administration, nurse, cook, IT, as well as other duties.

Sonlight was founded in 1979 by Winston and Mary Marugg. To fill the positions they have held for 35 years will not be easy, but will be a great move for the ministry of Sonlight Camp. Both Winston and Mary will remain on the Board of Directors, and will remain involved with Sonlight on a different level.

A bit of additional info: Sonlight Camp is rural. Sonlight sits at almost 8,000 feet in the mountains of SW Colorado. The nearest town (of 2,000 people) and schools is 7 miles away. The nearest "big" city (Albuquerque) is 200 miles to the south. Housing is provided onsite, a 2 bedroom (1000 sq ft) log cabin.

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